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The Company

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Solution ® is the company “made in Italy” with a strong and consolidated experience in the field of injection moulds for plastic. Focused in product engineering, design and construction of equipment and related injection systems, we employ a highly specialized professional team. Through the continuous technological research and a completely innovative problem solving method, we respond concretely to the most different needs in the various fields of the wide world of polymeric materials.

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Brand Model Type Stroke (x/y/z)
Milling machine + Drilling machine Emsil Narwhal 1500 9 axis 2500x2000x700
Milling machine Mecof Performa 5 axis index 1200x2500x1100
Milling machine Parpas Diamond 5 axis 1650x2400x1000
Milling machine DMG duoBlock 100 5 axis 1000x1250x1000
Milling machine DMG monoBlock 105 5 axis 1135x1050x750
Milling machine DMG VMC100 3 axis 950x1400x700h
Milling machine Regiva RA300 3 axis 650x1200x650
Milling machine TMI HD-1513 3 axis 1500x1300x1350
Rad. drill Invema FRB 1000 1400x1500x1200
EDM CDM-Rovella VS 600 HS Spazio 5 axis 730x1100x400
EDM Tecnospark HS 100 3 axis 1000x1400x600
Lathe TOS SUI 40 ø400×1000
Lathe Colchester Bantam 2000 ø250×600

Our Mission

In Solution ® we want to guarantee to our customers the excellence in designing and developing functional equipment for the realization of winning productive processes.A winning feature of Solution ® is, for sure, the ability of proposing innovation to create competitive and responsive solutions, thanks to the utmost expertise in technology, materials and processes.We design our moulds as the best equipment, referred to a specific production process.To transform technical activities into art, thanks to creativity, in order to provide logical, original, functional and immediate solutions; this is what we do in ® Solution.