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Moulding design, building and test

  • R&D
  • Products and processes engineering
  • Mold-flow analysis
  • Prototyping and tests
  • Consulting and training
  • After-sales service

Where there is an obstacle, we of Solution ® see a challenge for innovation. “Each product can be improved, each process can be integrated, each equipment can be made more reliable, compact, and ergonomic”. This is our approach.

Starting from this premise, the preliminary stages of Engineering and Design are set, always with innovative ideas but by drawing on consolidated application models. Only by questioning every new project at each point, it is possible to generate realistic pathways. The product’s quality is guaranteed by an optimized in time workflow.

Our method



We check the feasibility of the project and we sift all the different operating strategies.


Product analysis

We evaluate the criticalities, by checking the tolerances, thicknesses, couplings and the stacking.



We perform the structural analysis of the mould, its deformations and flows (fill, pack, cool, warpage), by using CADMOULD Mold-flow analysis software.


Technical specifications

We analyze and integrate the customer’s specification into our standard specification.


2D/3D design

This is the step where we study the 2D mould setting and where we purchase the main steels. Next, we move to the 3D mould design, by using TOPSOLID CAD design software and we purchase the secondary steels, the standardized parts and their related components.



We realize the mould. Our Project Manager constantly keeps our clients updated, sending Gantt’s reports and charts.



We test the moulds in loco and we perform the dimensional checks of the samples; follow the setup (M.A.P.) and any eventual photoengraving.


Final Mould

After the delivery of the mould, in agreement with the customer, Solution ® guarantees an efficient after-sales service, meant as long-term assistance for any ordinary / extraordinary maintenance and repairs on the manufacturing.