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Moulding design, building and test

  • Product engineering and process analysis
  • Simulation and material analysis
  • Prototyping and tests
  • Mould making
  • Trial
  • Quality control – metrological analysis
  • Consulting and formation
  • Customer service

Where there is an obstacle, Solution ® sees a challenge for the innovation.

Every product can be enhanced, every process can be integrated, every mould can be made more reliable and compact.

Our method

Study and analysis

Solution invests part of the preliminary time, in the beginning of every project, on the study and analysis of the plastic part that will be produced by injection moulding. This strategic moment, intended to predict any kind of issue after the building of the tool, is organized in ten easy but fundamental steps:



Feasibility analysis and planning of the actions.


Product analysis

Evaluation of the criticality, verification of the tolerances, thicknesses, shapes, coupling, undercuts.



Structural analysis of the mould, deformations and simulation (fill, pack, cool, warpage) by moldflow (powered by Cadmould Analysis software).


Technical specifications

Examination of the customer’s specification and integration of it in the Solution’s standard technical document.



In this phase, probably the thorniest one of the entire process, the designer proceeds with the 2D planning of the mould and progressively goes on with the development of the 3D project, by using the CAD software (powered by Top Solid 6, Top Solid 7 and Catia softwares).



On a surface of 4000sqm, Solution uses 3, 5 and 9 axis CNC milling machines and drilling machines of last generation. The two cranes, covering all the working area, are able to move semi finished products or entire moulds up to 20 tons, the machines can mill plates up to 2000x2200mm.



Once finished and in according to the customer, the projects are sent to the CAM office for the setting up of the milling machines (powered by Hipermill software).
Solution can entrust on CNC milling machines with 3 – 5 – 9 axies.


Fitting department

Solution considers the adjustment phase as the most important in the production process. At this moment all the potential issues, deriving from the design or iron manufacturing errors, are solved. The adjustment area, in coupling the moulds by a purely handmade work, repairs all the critical parts, determining the success of every trial.



Solution has four oleo-dynamic BMB injection machines of 100 – 270 – 350 – 800 tons for the trials of the moulds produced during the production process. Compatibly to the working loads, the injection machines are used also for short productions, to support the delivering in time of small batches of samples. The strategic position of the trial area, close to the adjustment department, allows to execute all the fine-tuning and potential changes on the moulds in a very short time.


Quality control and customer service

Once that the first samples are produced from the trial, the quality control department proceeds with the measurements, verifying that all the quotes reported on the 2D table, provided by the customer, are within the tolerances indicated. After the measurements, performed by using the laser scanner and the feeler, the necessary fine-tunings are done. The process is repeated till the customer’s approval.